About One Stop Community Christmas

What Is One Stop Community Christmas?


  • One Stop is a collaborative effort of many different area organizations (civic groups, schools, businesses, aid organizations, churches, sororities, healthcare providers, etc.) to come together at Christmas time and provide help and hope to families from 7 counties during the holiday season. 

  • We service the following counties: Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Moultrie, Shelby.

  • A major focus of the event is the realization that a few years ago, there were many families who were getting help from several organizations and others were going without (either because they didn’t know where to go, or the resources had been used up by the time they got there).

  • One Stop is an effort to band together and help even more families who need it, while making sure to provide a really positive experience for everyone involved. One Stop is about the power of partnership to make a difference in the community.


Is One Stop a Success?


  • By any metric, yes.  Last year (2016), we helped 861 families and were able to provide a wonderful Christmas experience for 2051 kids!  Not only that, but One Stop has brought diverse civic leaders and community-minded people together in ways that were not likely (or even possible) outside this event.  One Stop has truly strengthened our community.

  • In 2011, the Salvation Army hosted the event in their gym.  In 2012, One Stop took up the whole Salvation Army building.  In 2013, we moved to the West Building on the campus of Lake Land Community College!  One Stop keeps growing, and we are very thankful to Lake Land for their willingness to help us grow.  We are happy to say Lake Land has invited us back for 2017. 

Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation


One Stop Community Christmas has partnered with the Southeastern Illinois Community foundation which gives us 501 c3 non-profit status.



One Stop takes help from people like YOU!  If you would like to donate here's how:


By Mail: (please make checks payable to SEICF and

Memo: One Stop)

Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation: One Stop

PO Box 1211

Effingham, IL 62401


In Person: (please make checks payable to SEICF and

Memo: One Stop)

Salvation Army of Coles County

1300 Richmond Ave

Mattoon, IL 61938

By Credit or Debit Card: (click "Donate Now" and be sure to select One Stop)


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