How Can I Get Involved?


  • Volunteer:   We have an online volunteer application for folks to fill out and get involved as a table worker or personal shopper (someone who goes with the client family to each table and helps them navigate the event); we will also need set-up and tear- down helpers.

  • Give: This event is not cheap, as you can imagine. Every dollar makes a difference. Giving to the event (in cash via a donation to the Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation, or with physical items to give away) is a crucial way for area organizations to partner with and participate in One Stop Community Christmas.

  • Drive: For organizations with many members/employees, a great way to get involved is to find out from the Executive Committee what resources are needed and ask your members/employees to bring in that item through the Fall. Having a “Green Bean” drive really helps us out.

  • Adopt: If you really want to invest in this very worthy event, then adopt a Table. When you do that, you become the Table chair (or co-chair) and are responsible for staffing and stocking that Table for the event. This is a huge responsibility, but also one of the most rewarding experiences. It is our current goal to have two or three     co-chairs for each table.

Volunteer Duties:

Be friendly and happy, after all Santa is Someone We Know!


Personal Shoppers: 18 years and older only!

​Grab your walking shoes and prepare for a grand time.  You get to go around with clients and help them pick out presents for their children.  One Stop is a big event, and you are their guide through from beginning to end.  Your job is to make sure that clients visit all areas of One Stop allotted to them.


Because of the heavy activity of this position, only two shifts a day are allowed for volunteers in this area.  Shifts are two hours each.


Table Volunteers: 16 years and older only!

What could be more fun than being one of Santa's elves? Table volunteers help keep tables stocked during the day, and help the clients find the perfect items for their family. For some tables, volunteers will be in the back, prepping and packaging items such as toilet paper.


Other Volunteers:

One Stop is a large undertaking and there are more things to do in the day besides just Tables and Personal Shoppers.  We need people who are willing to direct traffic, gather trash, etc.  We also need help leading up to and after the event.  As you can imagine there is a bit of set up and cleanup to do for an event expecting almost 1700 clients and 800 volunteers.


If your school or youth group with kids under age 16 would like to volunteer we have wonderful opportunities the week before the event with set up, sorting, and counting.  Contact the Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Dowell via email sarah.dowell.girlsontherun.org to schedule your group. 



We are very sorry, but, individuals who are signed up to receive service from One Stop Community Christmas are not eligible to volunteer in any capacity.  It has been determined by the committee that in order to keep it fair and confidential it is necessary to make this rule.  If you are interested in volunteerism please contact one of the fine agencies involved and they will be glad to help you in another area. 


Get the official 2019 Volunteer Shirt!

The official 2019 OSCC volunteer shirts are green, and come in adult sizes, sm-3xl. Shirts are $15 each! All proceeds go right back to help fund OSCC! To place your order, email Kimberly now! Kimberly.wellbaum@yahoo.com

Deadline to order is Monday, Nov 25

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